Collaborative Crop Research Meeting in Tanzania

Collaborative Crop Research Meeting in Tanzania

The McKnight Foundation, which funds SNAP, recently hosted a two-week collaborative crop research meeting in Dr. Young. Vicky and Dr. Young (with Stella in tow) both attended to share updates on SNAP and to get progress updates from farmers involved in the project. Highlights from the trip include:

  1. SNAP farmers presented their progress towards gender equity and implementation of novel botanical pesticide to the meeting’s participants. Everyone was impressed with their enthusiasm, hard work, and meaningful results.
  2. Vicky won two awards: one for a poster displaying SNAP’s midline results and and another for an oral presentation on lessons learned from implementing SNAP.
  3. Excitingly, we learned that a SNAP farmer named her baby after Vicky!


Dr. Young, Stell, and Vicky with Drs. Neema and Haika at the research meeting.

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