We received the Leverhulme IMMANA award to continue our water insecurity work!

We received the Leverhulme IMMANA award to continue our water insecurity work!

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded an Innovative Methods and Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA) grant from the Leverhulme Center for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health (LCIRAH)! This award will allow us to expand our water insecurity work by […]

HIV, lactation, and body composition

Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Widen and co-authors whose manuscript “Food insecurity, but not HIV-infection status, is associated with adverse changes in body composition during lactation in Ugandan women of mixed HIV status” has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. To our knowledge, this is […]

Third Coast Center for AIDS Research likes our rabbit and orange-flesh sweet potato venture!


Third Coast Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) has funded our collaboration with Kenyan colleagues to travel to Evanston to begin planning our latest research venture, a rabbit and orange-fleshed sweet potato farming initiative. Stay tuned for more information about this project in upcoming months.


“Reimagining Household Water Security” Workshop at Texas A&M

I had the pleasure of attending an exciting conference on water insecurity at Texas A&M. This meeting brought together some awesome scholars from a variety fields with the ultimate goal of defining, measuring, and finding solutions to water insecurity. Thank you to Wendy Jepson and TAMU Geography for […]

Dr. Roseanne Schuster presents at The Symposium on Health Systems Research

Congratulations to Dr. Roseanne Schuster who will be presenting Illuminating the “Black Box”: How performance-based incentives affect health workers delivering prevention of vertical transmission of HIV in rural Mozambique! This presentation will report on how performance-based incentives increased motivating supervision, decreased thoughts of leaving, and increased worker empowerment in […]

Dr. Roseanne Schuster Presents at APHA

Congratulations to Roseanne Schuster and former undergrad lab members Yeri Son and Jacqueline Rivera, whose abstract “I am fighting for my life”: Barriers to uptake of prevention of vertical transmission of HIV services experienced by women in rural Mozambique has been programmed for an oral presentation at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting!

Our Singida study won the 10th McKnight Community of Practice poster competition!

Congratulations to our colleagues, Clara Mollay (NM-AIST) and Esther Kalonga (AATZ) et alia for winning the poster competition at the 10th McKnight Community of Practice meeting in Lilongwe, Malawi. The poster highlighted the various activities undertaken during the first phase of this project and our baseline findings […]

First preliminary findings from our Pith Moromo pregnancy cohort

Here’s our Kenyan team at their October monthly meeting. At this meeting, study coordinators Pauline Wekesa and Shalean Collins shared the results from the Pith Moromo study with study nurses and trackers. The team is now working together to interpret and share findings with study participants. Here’s the first taste of our […]

Dr. Paula Pebsworth to discuss geophagy in non-human primates in the International Primatological Society meeting

Paula & GeresomuCongratulations to Dr. Paula Pebsworth, whose abstract “Can geophagy alter the feeding ecology of non-human primates?: a systematic literature review” has been programed for an oral presentation on Tuesday, August 23 @ 4:30, at the joint meeting of the International Primatological Society and the American Society of Primatologists in Chicago. She will discuss which non-human primate species have been observed eating earth, what kinds of earth, and where on Earth they do this.

Geophagy in non-human primates is considered adaptive and a form of self-medication; however, the proximate and ultimate mechanisms remain unknown. Paula will discuss the main physiological explanations, 3 new predictions, and lay out a research agenda.


Pregnancy, HIV, and water insecurity

Congratulations to Dr. Natalie Krumdieck and co-authors whose manuscript  “Household water insecurity is associated with a range of negative consequences among pregnant Kenyan women of mixed HIV status” was accepted into the Journal of Water and Health. This is our group’s first publication on water insecurity, […]