Roseanne to give oral presentation at the American Public Health Association annual meeting!

Comencando Saudavel Equipe - 3 copias      Tapona GroupRoseanne’s abstract “The women have trust in me, and I try to live up to this trust: Health worker motivation and workplace characteristics among facility- and community-based health workers in rural Mozambique” has been accepted for an oral presentation at the American Public Health Association’s 2014 annual meeting in November. This is Roseanne’s first oral conference presentation, and second conference abstract for co-authors Octávio Leonel de Sousa, Carolyn Vopelak, and Devon McMahon. The group’s related work on identifying factors in health worker motivation to inform a performance-based incentive intervention has also been accepted at the 3rd Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Cape Town in September. Hurray, team!


Top: CARE Project Manager Octavio da Sousa (l) and Roseanne (r) with surveyors Cassimo Faquira and Francisca Pascoal and motorista Alexandre Mupetse
Bottom: Carolyn Vopelak with the Tapona Activista Association

Pica among Mexican-born women

IMG_4354Our formative study on pica practices and beliefs among Mexican women in the US and Mexico has just been published in Maternal and Child Nutrition. We found that more than 1/3 of women reported pica behavior during pregnancy, especially earth, adobe, bean stones and ice. This paper is the result of collaboration with scientists at the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico and the School of Public Health at University of California Berkeley. A special congratulations to Janice Lin (pictured here with Livia González and Cynthia Jeannette, the study translators) this is her first first-author paper!

Farewell AMMA!

The Amsterdam Master’s in Medical Anthropology closed its proverbial doors this year, and it will be greatly missed. To commemorate this wonderful program, a compilation of former students’ work has been published. It’s available here, and includes my first ever publication, an ethnography of maternal anemia in Pemba, Tanzania (Young Maternal Anemia Ethnography 2002).

PreNAPS finishes recruitment!!!

IMG_2966Our last little baby, (participant number 403) in our PreNAPS study in northern Uganda has been born– hurray hurray! Many thanks to the whole NAPS team, and especially Barnabas Natamba. They have been working hard to implement manage this big and important study. The follow-up study, PostNAPS, is slated to finish in January 2015.

Evaluation of Food by Prescription program in Kenya published

Our evaluation of the nutritional effects of the Food by Prescription program in Nyanza Province, Kenya, has just been published. This is important because limited data exist to guide food programs targeted to persons living with HIV/AIDS in terms of identifying individuals with the greatest potential to benefit, appropriate enrollment criteria, optimal duration, and appropriate exit criteria. Congrats to Jason Nagata and team!