Sera and Aurora head to Kenya

Sera and Aurora head to Kisumu, Kenya


Sera and her new baby daughter Aurora Penelope Lucks went to Kisumu, Kenya to check in on formative work that will inform the cohort study “Pith Moromo”. Pith Moromo will provide insights on the mechanisms by which food insecurity impacts pregnant and lactating mothers and their children, and is slated to begin Summer 2014.

Neurodevelopment study starts in Gulu, Uganda

Center is Annet Biribawa Left is Harriet Achola Right is Daniel Onen

As part of our ongoing NAPS cohort, we will be assessing the neurodevelopment of infants in our study at 6 and 12 months. Ms. Annet Biribawa of Global Health Uganda has trained two NAPS research assistants from Gulu, Harriet and Daniel to administer the Mullen Scales of Early Learning, CBCL, and HOME interviews instruments. From L to R: Harriet Achola, Annet Biribawa, and Daniel Onen.

Pith Moromo data collection has begun…


… and we have Ms. Sophie Otticha, Ms. Beryl Oyier, Ms. Vicky Spraggon (pictured here) and Dr. Maricianah Onono (camera shy) to thank for it. These findings will inform the cohort study about the health consequences of food insecurity for moms and babies, planned for Summer 2014.