Author: Sera Young

Our AJCN paper turns 100!

According to Google Scholar, our paper in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in which we outline the pathways by which food insecurity can be deleterious in the context of HIV, has reached 100 citations. This paper provided important theoretical framing for our approach to understanding the consequences of 

Vicky becomes a Borlaug Fellow in Global Food Security!

Hip Hip Hurray for Vicky Santoso (on the right, with Hijab Khan), who won a well-deserved Borlaug Fellowship for Global Food Security. This prestigious fellowship will support her work on women’s empowerment in agriculture within the Singida Nutrition and Agroecology Project that will be launching later this month. 

Geophagy in Uganda

Paula & GeresomuDr. Paula Pebsworth, our star primatologist post-doc, is busy setting up more camera traps (one pictured, bottom right) in Budongo Forest, Uganda. As it turns out, the chimpanzees there are wild about eating earth (as are many other species), and Paula is working hard to assess just what it is, exactly, that drives this behavior. We are fortunate to be collaborating with some terrific phytochemists, Dr. John Arnason and Dr. Chieu Anh Ta to investigate the detoxification capacity of these craved earths.

Picture1 CameraTrap


Thrasher Fund Award for Beth!

Congratulations to Dr. Beth Widen on her Thrasher Research Fund Early Career Award! Beth’s award will fund her post-doctoral research in low-income dyads in New York City that focuses on the complex pathways between maternal nutrition, environmental toxicant exposure, the home environment and child neurodevelopment.

Our paper on complementary feeding among HIV-infected Tanzanian women is out!

Congrats to Anne Williams, for her very hard work in getting this paper published in the Journal of Human Lactation! While breastfeeding practices have been fairly well-characterized among PLHIV, complementary feeding practices have been almost completely overlooked. Therefore, our work among women in the Pwani region 

Pith Moromo cohort enrollment concluded– with thanks to Pith Moromo team and Beyoncé

pop-live-beyonce-premieres-grown-woman-during-mrs-carter-world-tour-in-parisWe are delighted to have completed enrollment of all 371 pregnant women into our NIMH-funded observational cohort study in Nyanza, Kenya. Over 200 infants have already been born, including a baby Beyoncé*! None of this would be possible without the excellent enrollment and retainment efforts of the whole Pith Moromo 2 crew. Bravo! (*Actual photo not used.)

Undernutrition associated with lower HIV drug pharmacokinetics in Ugandan children

In our paper just published in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, we report findings on how undernutrition among children in Tororo, Uganda, is associated with lower absorption of some HIV drugs. More research is needed to understand the mechanisms underpinning these observations. Congrats to Imke 

Fabulous Women in Global Health Research Symposium at Weill

Some awesome faculty at Cornell Weill put on an important and engaging symposium on Women in Global Health Research. They were kind enough to invite a number of us down from Ithaca, and it was a lovely occasion for a quick group reunion with Angela Arbach (post-call