Dr. Paula Pebsworth to discuss geophagy in non-human primates in the International Primatological Society meeting

Paula & GeresomuCongratulations to Dr. Paula Pebsworth, whose abstract “Can geophagy alter the feeding ecology of non-human primates?: a systematic literature review” has been programed for an oral presentation on Tuesday, August 23 @ 4:30, at the joint meeting of the International Primatological Society and the American Society of Primatologists in Chicago. She will discuss which non-human primate species have been observed eating earth, what kinds of earth, and where on Earth they do this.

Geophagy in non-human primates is considered adaptive and a form of self-medication; however, the proximate and ultimate mechanisms remain unknown. Paula will discuss the main physiological explanations, 3 new predictions, and lay out a research agenda.