NIH digs our water insecurity ideas!

In the course of our formative work in Kenya on food insecurity (cf. Pith Moromo, below), we discovered that household level water insecurity seems to be an unappreciated source of adverse physical and mental health. As such, it brought me great pleasure that the Young Group received the official notice of award today for our R21 application entitled “Health Consequences of Water Insecurity for HIV+ Women.” We are excited that we will be able to continue to work with our birth cohort in Kenya, to explore the experiences of water insecurity as well as food insecurity.

Pictured below, Godfred Boateng and Shalean Collins are holding the custom kanga that Ann Lei, an undergraduate in the Young Research Group, designed. We will be gifting these to the mothers in our cohort study with as a token of our gratitude. Maybe we will send one to our Program Officer, too!