Month: October 2016

“Reimagining Household Water Security” Workshop at Texas A&M

I had the pleasure of attending an exciting conference on water insecurity at Texas A&M. This meeting brought together some awesome scholars from a variety fields with the ultimate goal of defining, measuring, and finding solutions to water insecurity. Thank you to Wendy Jepson and TAMU Geography for […]

Our Singida study won the 10th McKnight Community of Practice poster competition!

Congratulations to our colleagues, Clara Mollay (NM-AIST) and Esther Kalonga (AATZ) et alia for winning the poster competition at the 10th McKnight Community of Practice meeting in Lilongwe, Malawi. The poster highlighted the various activities undertaken during the first phase of this project and our baseline findings […]

First preliminary findings from our Pith Moromo pregnancy cohort

img_2244Here’s our Kenyan team at their October monthly meeting. At this meeting, study coordinators Pauline Wekesa and Shalean Collins shared the results from the Pith Moromo study with study nurses and trackers. The team is now working together to interpret and share findings with study participants. Here’s the first taste of our results from Pith Moromo!