Month: May 2016

SNAP Mentor Farmer Selection-Village randomization complete

The Singida Nutrition and Agroecology Program (SNAP) is now successfully underway! Farmers were invited to nominate themselves and make campaign speeches before one male and one female “mentor farmer” was selected by their villages. Pictured below are the elected mentor farmers. These mentor farmers then gathered in Singida town […]

Abby Maranga wins first place at the Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Poster Competition at Experimental Biology

Congratulations to Abby Maranga and colleagues (Undergraduate majoring in Biology & Society, Cornell University ’16) who received First Place and a $500 travel grant for her poster  “Perceived Benefits of Livestock Ownership among Female Smallholders of Mixed-HIV Status in Nyanza Province, Kenya” in the American […]

Irene Tsai wins second place at the Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Poster Competition at Experimental Biology!

Congratulations to Irene Tsai (an Undergrad in Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell 2016) and co-authors whose poster “Food Insecurity is Associated with Depression and Stress Among a Cohort of Pregnant Kenyan Women of Mixed-HIV status” received Second Place and a $300 travel grant in the American Society For Nutrition’s Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Poster Competition. The gist of our work is that probable depression and higher perceived stress were associated with food insecurity in Pith Moromo, our pregnancy cohort in western Kenya. image1



A new way to study iron bioavailability in geophagic earth

Who would have thought, but— chickens are a great model of human iron metabolism! As such, they can help us to understand effects of geophagy. In our recently published paper in Nutrients we show that a poultry model has clear advantages over prior methods used both in vitro […]

Our manuscript was accepted into Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal

Congratulations to Dr. Jane Achan and coauthors whose manuscript “Growth recovery among HIV-infected children randomized to Lopinavir/ritonavir or Non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor-based antiretroviral therapy” was accepted into the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal (PIDJ).