Month: March 2015

Rocking it out at Experimental Biology

The Young Group seriously represented at EB this year. We had 7 posters and 2 talks: Most importantly, much fun was had by all!

Pith Moromo cohort enrollment concluded– with thanks to Pith Moromo team and Beyoncé

We are delighted to have completed enrollment of all 371 pregnant women into our NIMH-funded observational cohort study in Nyanza, Kenya. Over 200 infants have already been born, including a baby Beyoncé*! None of this would be possible without the excellent enrollment and retainment efforts of the whole Pith […]

Undernutrition associated with lower HIV drug pharmacokinetics in Ugandan children

In our paper just published in the Pediatric Infectious DPIDJ IpadApp Webpart Iconisease Journal, we report findings on how undernutrition among children in Tororo, Uganda, is associated with lower absorption of some HIV drugs. More research is needed to understand the mechanisms underpinning these observations. Congrats to Imke and team!