Month: August 2014

Our first NAPS paper is published

We are delighted that our first paper using NAPS data has been published: “Reliability and validity of an individually-focused food insecurity access scale for assessing inadequate access to food among pregnant Ugandan women of mixed HIV status.” In addition to our excitement about having the first paper from this […]

The first meta-analysis of pica and micronutrient deficiencies

Our recently published meta-analysis on the relationships between pica and micronutrient deficiencies offers even stronger evidence of the consistent relationships between all types of pica (including geophagy, amylophagy, and pagophagy) and lower hemoglobin, (-0.65 g/dl), lower hematocrit (-1.15%), and zinc (234.3 ug/dl). Great idea, Chris!

Welcome baby Akanyo Faith Shalean Cord!

On August 20, 2014 at 12:00am, the PreNAPS/PostNAPS home visitor Joe Cord, his wife,Baby Akanyo Faith Shalean Cord and three daughters welcomed a new baby into the world! Baby Akanyo Faith Shalean Cord is now a few weeks old and is healthy and thriving! The PreNAPS/PostNAPS staff wants to wish Joe and his family congratulations on the arrival of their sweet new addition to the family!

Pith Moromo launches!

Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Maricianah Onono, Pauline Wekesa, her little baby Liam, Natalie Krumdeick, Isaya Opondo, Dr. Beth Widen, Hijab Khan, and the whole PM team, our pregnancy cohort in Kisumu, Kenya has launched!

Pica is not uncommon in Rochester, New York

In our recent paper in the Journal of Nutrition, we showed that nearly half (47%) of pregnant adolescents living in Rochester, NY engaged in pica. And pica was strongly associated with iron deficiency. Now, the nature of that relationship remains unknown– is it causal? More studies are […]

We mourn the loss of Dr. Oyok

OyokDr. Okello Oyok, a psychiatrist and NAPS study investigator, passed from this world into the next on August 6, 2014. His absence is deeply felt, in Gulu and far beyond. This is an obituary that Barnabas wrote, celebrating his commitment to public health and the training of public health professionals.