Month: May 2014

Angela is officially an MD!

Congrats to Angela Arbach on graduating from Cornell Weill with her MD! Her commitment and compassion for the health of vulnerable populations is an inspiration. Well done, Angela!

Pica among Mexican-born women

Our formative study on pica practices and beliefs among Mexican women in the US and Mexico has just been published in Maternal and Child Nutrition. We found that more than 1/3 of women reported pica behavior during pregnancy, especially earth, adobe, bean stones and ice. […]

Farewell AMMA!

The Amsterdam Master’s in Medical Anthropology closed its proverbial doors this year, and it will be greatly missed. To commemorate this wonderful program, a compilation of former students’ work has been published. It’s available here, and includes my first ever publication, an ethnography of maternal anemia in Pemba, Tanzania (Young Maternal Anemia Ethnography 2002).